Saturday, March 13, 2010

Riccota Cheese Pizza with White Truffle Paste

Truffles are one of the most rare ingredients along with foie gras and caviar.   No other mushrooms compare with the intense perfume and distinctive flavor of truffles.  Simply shave truffles over the pasta.  Your everyday meal suddenly turns into something three star restaurants would offer... So I've hard.  The truth is that I've never used fresh truffles.  The reason is simple: they are super expensive.  Have you ever seen truffles at a grocery store?  They are kept in secured clear box filled with rice. They are protected like jewelry and have a price tag to match.  I enjoy the flavor of this earthy delight, but I  simply can't justify breaking the bank on just one mushroom.  

Truffle paste or truffle butter are affordable alternatives for people who want to enjoy the truffle flavor but can't afford fresh truffles. Good truffle paste has an intense aroma and flavor, and a little goes a long way.  Just add a small amount into your dishes such as mashed potatos, omelets, pasta, risotto and soup, and you'll become a Michelin star chef.   

Ricotta cheese pizza with white truffle paste is a great appetizer.   It's a three step recipe and only takes 15 minutes to make.  This decadent appetizer will certainly wow your guests! 

Ricotta Cheese Pizza
with White Truffle Paste
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1tortilla (8 inch
1/4~1/3 tspwhite truffle paste
1/3~1/2 cupricotta cheese
1 tspwalnuts, chopped 
pinchblack pepper


  1. Spread white truffle paste on the tortilla, then layer with the ricotta cheese.
  2. Sprinkle salt and chopped walnuts, and bake in the toaster oven (400 degrees, no preheating necessary) for 8~12 minutes until the edge of the tortilla turns crispy.
  3. Sprinkle black pepper and cut into wedges.

Serves 2~4


Vandana said...

E, I like the idea of making pizza with a tortilla instead of the regular pizza base because it cuts down on carbs! If a low fat cheese is used and a tortilla base, pizza would be such a healthy option. I will try that when I make pizza next.

EMK said...

Vandana, I love making tortilla pizza. It's funny I've never thought of it as a healthy option. But I guess it is! I like it because it's super fast and I can make it in the oven toaster.