Saturday, July 17, 2010

Salmon Burger and Cucumber Relish

Precooked frozen food would never be on my mother in-law's grocery list. She is one of the healthiest eaters I know. Her daily meals consist of a lot of vegetables and fruits, some nuts, some type of whole grains and a little bit of animal proteins. She cooks with a tiny bit of salt (I highly respect that!), and extra virgin olive oil. Bacon and sausage would never be in her refrigerator. However, on her last visit to our house, she went to Costco and came back with a bag of frozen salmon burgers, which was completely unexpected. The mother-in-law approved salmon patties are from Trident (not the same company that makes the chewing gum.) They are made of wild Alaska salmon, are lean and meaty, and are pretty flavorful. They are in fact good as is, but I felt a little sad looking at an obviously store bought salmon patty, alone, on my plate. It was calling for an accompaniment. I browsed the fridge and found cucumber, fresh dill and a lemon. They seemed like a perfect combination for a refreshing relish. I chopped up the cucumber and the dill, squeezed out the lemon juice, and then mixed them up with a touch of honey. The salmon and dill paring is so cliché, but hey, it's cliche because it's really good.

Salmon Burger
with Cucumber Relish 
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2frozen salmon burgers of your favorite brand  
4 inches English(seedless) cucumber, finely diced  
1/2 Tbspchopped fresh dill
1/2 Tbsplemon juice
1 tsphoney


  1. Cook the salmon burgers according to the directions on the package.
  2. In a small bowl, combine the cucumbers, dill, lemon juice, honey, and season with salt. Refrigerate 10~15 minutes. 
  3. Serve the salmon burgers on plates and top with the cucumber relish.

Serves 2