Monday, June 21, 2010

Easy & Healthy Banana Ice Cream

Okay. Here is a problem with ice cream: I can't stop eating until it's all gone. Whenever I buy a pint, it's gone within a day or two, if not within an hour. One of my favorite ice cream contains 250 calories per serving, and one pint is for four servings. You do the math. Too much fat and too much sugar... good for the taste, but not for the health. My solution? Don't buy it. No ice cream in the freezer. But then there are days when I crave for it, and stressing out by not having any is, in my opinion, unhealthy.

This is the recipe that solved my dilemma. The main ingredients are just a frozen banana and a bit of milk. Put them in the food processor and you'll have soft served banana ice cream in five minutes! This recipe is for two, but if you like to have it all to yourself, go for it. It's just a banana. How unhealthy could it be?

Banana Ice Cream Print Recipe

1medium~large banana
a littlelemon juice (optional)
3 tbsmilk, soy milk or yogurt
1/4 tspcinnamon  powder
1/2~1 tsphoney(optional)

  1. Peel the banana and sprinkle lemon juice over the banana to prevent discoloration.  Wrap with plastic wrap then freeze it.
  2. Slice the frozen banana into 1~1.5 inch wide.  Put the slices into a food processor and pulse a few times until the banana is cut into small chunks.  Add milk and honey, then turn on the food processor.  Scrape off banana chunks from the side and the bottom, and add more milk if necessary.  Process until smooth and creamy. 

Serves 1~2